Hey everyone. I’ve been up and running over at Squarespace for a while. I wouldn’t say it’s better than WordPress, just a better fit for me I think. One thing I was going to miss was the Reader / Discover function, but I think Feedly is a better way of going about keeping up with blogs. I think I followed about 50 accounts here, but probably only interacted with a handful of folks. I’ve added you to my Feedly follows. We’ll see how that goes. I don’t think you can use Feedly to comment. I might have that wrong. If any of you have thoughts on the best RSS subscription app, let me know.

Switched to Squarespace

Hello everyone, I know there aren’t a lot of you who read this regularly, but I value the connections we’ve made in this little corner of the blog-o-verse. I wanted to let everyone know that I transferred the domain (www.sbhopper.com) to the Squarespace site. I think the transfer is now good to go. For a couple of days there was a warning about the connection not being private, and that the certificate was invalid. Transferring the domain was fairly easy. Squarespace has good instructions. One of the trickier parts was navigating back to my page here. I’ll be going through my Following list and make sure I subscribe to all of your feeds through RSS. I’ve been trying out Feedly for that. I was happy with WordPress. I think WP makes it easy to quickly post text and multiple images. I just think overall Squarespace will be a better fit for me. I think they’re both good platforms, though.