Considering a move…

Hey everyone, I’m thinking about moving the site to Ghost. I like Squarespace, but it has some shortcomings when it comes to loading images and handling newsletters. I love writing, and I have some things to explore in 2020.

Please have a look. I’m new to Ghost, so it’s definitely in the test phase. (Update: I forgot to save settings when I changed it to a Public site. Sorry if you went there and it required a password.)

SBHopper at Ghost.

6 thoughts on “Considering a move…

      1. Hi Scott. Good news, it worked fine tonight. I read you over there and tomorrow I’ll probably take the next step and log myself in for remarks. I’m stupidly phobic about new log-ins, unfamiliar subscriptions because I’m just enough of a nincompoop who backs himself into proverbial solid objects, tire spikes, etc…….but I’ll get there. Ghost looks fine, there are no sneaky ads for compression socks or diet pills 🙂


  1. Ok. I jumped through yer hoops. I hope I proved myself an able fan. Commented as guest. Signed in (somehow it used my full name and not my user name but that’s fine. I’m not a serial killer. I clang pots in my kitchen). Added a second comment as a signed in human. So far…so good?


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